Marilyn Andersen Principal Broker/Sales Manager

Marilyn Andersen

Marilyn is responsible for the real estate component of Hoyt Street Properties. With over 20 years of selling general real estate, she became Oregon Division Sales Manager for one of the largest homebuilders in America. Her commitment to excellence, her professional background and her dedication to customer service, serve as the platform that keeps Hoyt Realty Group in the forefront of area real estate firms.

Q: Why HOYT for you?
MA: The most appealing part was its size—small and nimble—with high-end goals that they actually make happen. HOYT had a fantastic reputation for a quality product, for valuing customer service, and working for the overall good of the Pearl District and the City of Portland. They were “the” player when it came to the Pearl, and they still are.

Q: What’s the most important thing you would advise people to know when looking to invest in a home?
MA: It’s taking that old adage of “location, location, location,” and really understanding all that goes into making a location spectacular. It’s the life in it, the life that’s around it. Your home has to be what you’ve always pictured, but so too does the world around it—your neighborhood, how walkable and enjoyable it is. How secure you feel. What you’re able to access from your block without much of an effort. How attractive and appealing it is to others. The cultural trends prove that the Pearl has what people are looking for, what they’re moving toward more and more, in spades.

Q: What’s special about HOYT properties in the Pearl?
MA: HOYT literally created one of the finest neighborhoods in Portland. We’re not only invested in the building itself but in the whole area around it that supports it: the shops, transportation, views, the culture. It all adds up to a wonderful “signature” experience that doesn’t happen just anywhere. It’s quite special in every sense of the word.

Q: How do you see the Pearl changing in the next decade?
MA: I see it maturing, if you will. It’s established itself as one of the most attractive and utterly livable areas of Portland. Now I see it taking that momentum and building on it—taking standards of luxury and sustainability and advancing those. Becoming a model for how building is done, how living is done, and what people should expect in the generations ahead.

Q: What do you recommend people do to stay connected and at the ready in this internationally known real estate market?
MA: Just read. Participate in culture. Everywhere I look—if I pick up the NYT or even the Financial Times of London—I see references to our very own Pearl District. We think of it as this small little jewel—and it is that—but its proof that when you work at creating something special, your city and even the whole world will take notice. Pay attention too to trends in how homes and neighborhoods “work” these days; their systems. All of those things were top of mind with HOYT and the Pearl before they ever made the headlines.

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