Hello, Neighbor!

Posted on 02/9/2016

Get ready for a shakeup! We’re Erin and Kirsten and we’re taking over the blog!

As new employees here at Hoyt, we’re excited to give you new content that brings you closer to the Pearl community. We want this blog to be your place to connect with your neighbors, so we’re enabling comments and encouraging conversation. We would love if you would leave a comment introducing yourself and sharing what kind of content you’d like to see on the blog. We can’t wait to get to know our readers!

In the spirit of staying connected, we’re revamping our social media presence. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Hello, Neighbor!”

  1. Would also love to see pictures, of the progress. We live in the Bay Area, and are wanting to see the progress has it unfolds in the building .

  2. HI,
    It would be great if your posting about revamping your social media presence included a link to sign up for the blog. as I don’t see it.

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