Sometimes you have to squint to bring the future into focus. And not everyone will see it. But when potential is there, and passion comes along, then you have to ask what’s holding you back?

Enter the Pearl District, 1997. It was with this imagination, urban dreams, (our share of squinting) and a lot of hutzpa, that the heart of inner northwest Portland started to beat again. That was over 15 years ago.

Since its inception, we were there. From the dilapidated rail yards that weaved through abandoned buildings, to a vision of today’s thriving, A-list urban renaissance story, HOYT has been instrumental in helping to define the character and carefully considered future of the “Pearl”. It’s a Cinderella story that is now world-renowned.

Today, the transformation continues. From the significant architecture, the diversity of thriving residential communities, creative cultures, shops and services, non-profits, to the open expanses of gardens and parks—this is growth thoughtfully designed for tomorrow.

It’s exciting. We recognize that the future of such an acclaimed place will mean more inspired action. More sustainability, more livability, more groundbreaking. And finally, always inviting.