Tiffany Sweitzer President and Partner


In addition to managing the execution of the company’s vision and development projects, Sweitzer is responsible for overseeing Hoyt Realty Group, a full-service real estate company. Under Sweitzer’s direction, Hoyt Street Properties’ projects have achieved awards from the American Institute of Architecture and received national recognition from publications such as the New York Times, Builder Magazine and Professional Builder.

Q: When and why did you join HOYT?
TS: I joined over 20 years ago, when the area was just a railyard. It was so early, just sheer potential. To be a part of building an area with this much potential for people—homes, parks, neighborhoods—to support that, so close to the heart of our city, it was as exciting for me then as it is now.

Q: How would you describe to a family member or friend what you do for a living?
TS: Ha! I solve problems all day long. It sounds funny, but its always a series of small things—anticipating issues before they arise, keeping an eye on what issues could come up, answering questions—its not glamorous, but knowing that its all adding up to building something that people can enjoy now and look back on with pride in their lives…I get to always look forward to the things I can do next.

Q: What have you learned as someone who’s worked her way up through the company, to now be President and Partner of one of the largest urban development companies in the country.
TS: Listening. I think there’s nothing more important. Listen to your own experience—of getting your hands dirty and doing things; owning something, figuring it out. Listening to critiques—of the people in your neighborhood, your area. What is working for them? What’s not? They are our real eyes and ears. Listen to them. So the next thing we do is as special as the first.

Q: Why is mixed-use development important in residential neighborhoods?
TS: It creates the entire experience of the neighborhood. Vibrancy. Not just a wonderful home space, but all the life around it. The parks, stores, galleries, eateries. You get a neighborhood as alive at night as it is during the day. And people start owning it all, being so proud. It can actually bring in people from other areas to experience it, maybe take some home for themselves. Or they decide to move here, too!

Q: Where do you see the Pearl District in 10 years?
TS: For sure a continued success. There’s no slowing it down. I see potential for more retail, offices, more hotels even. I see more activity happening near the waterfront, too. Just more mixing, and getting even stronger.

Q: Why do you think HOYT is still the leader in development and real estate in the Pearl District?
TS: Being there at the beginning certainly helps. More than that, its our proven track record of almost 14 buildings (and counting), and each of them a great display of attention to detail and keeping people happy. You know, buyers are our best indicators of success. And as people move in, or move up, that’s telling us that we are on the right track.

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