Susan Miller Tower Consulting, LLC


Susan’s experience with the Pearl District began in 1998, when she began her career with HOYT. Now as an independent contractor, she continues to give this thriving neighborhood her focus: working exclusively with Hoyt Street Properties, sitting on all ten HOA boards, and managing leasing for over 100,000 sq ft of retail space, among her many activities. She was also the first ever recipient of the “Spirit of the Pearl” award given to here by the Pearl District Business Association (PDBA) for her contributions.

Q: What was the attraction to HOYT early on?
SM: I had several roles when I first started, from helping residents move in to our earliest projects like Riverstone, then moving on to manage the project development of others, including Johnson Street. It’s that opportunity to be close to all aspects of a building, from the design and planning, to how that translates for someone new, that’s been so rewarding for me. I love sharing the experience of it all with anyone coming in to the area; seeing new possibilities come to life for them.

Q: What’s kept you so involved here?
SM: I am drawn to thoughtful, well-orchestrated urban neighborhood development—and doing so with people who share that same fire. After 30 years in commercial development, having the chance to get more into the mixed-use setting we have here and oversee its rise in such a core area of our city is just wonderful.

Q: The most exciting thing you’ve seen happen to the Pearl?
SM: It has to be the “convergence” I’ve seen here. From when we were developing the railyards, and other developments were transforming all sides of the Pearl. So you have this neat intersection of neighborhood and businesses coming together as one.

Q: What’s your dream building for the Pearl?
SM: I’d have to say our newest building, the Cosmopolitan, without a doubt. It is the culmination of all of our years of experience with first class materials and first class mindset. It’s framed by two beautiful city parks, and it simply justified putting every bit of our best into it. I’d have to call it our jewel of the Pearl.

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