The year, 1994. The scene, an old Burlington Northern rail yard in Northwest Portland. The crowd, a young HOYT, saw promise.

It didn’t happen overnight. Initially, the 34-acre site was slowed by long-standing infrastructure. In 1997, HOYT and the City of Portland finalized the Development Agreement. Objective? It was time for a fresh start to open up housing opportunities for this area of the city, where very little existed. An unforgettable journey was underway.

A few milestones of memory? The Lovejoy Ramp, construction of the Portland Streetcar, and three dream-scape designed parks throughout the neighborhood.

Together, HOYT and the City of Portland converted the dilapidated tracks and empty buildings, into a world-class, mixed-use, urban community.

On a typical day, it’s an energetic, inner-city portrait of a shared vision (and following your muse). The completion of 11 multi-level residential communities on the rise—the soon to be Cosmopolitan marks 12—and the growing collection of galleries, hot spot restaurants, green spaces and chic shops, HOYT’s vision of a dynamic urban neighborhood has been realized, and continues to prove style and substance make fine neighbors.